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     (holding my mythology and ancient legends-themed book of poetry here, close to where Odysseus is said to have landed....'Love from antique times'...see the translation of my title-poem from this book on "English poetry':)          



 I have started a VideoBlog, titled:

Being sensitive and having chronic pain; 

 from surviving to coping, from living to thriving:

using your challenge to become your greater self. 

 You can find the first introduction video here: (it won't let me embed it here for some reason)


or go to my youtube channel: silviamikica

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to my website with my poetry in three languages.

I also write short stories which I have published once, in my first book (see 'About Silvia') Then it was 'an exercise' as I like to call it.  

Some poems here have been published in one of my three books. The poems in English (I always add a comment if the poem is a 'translation') are post-2009.


Patience.....and gratitude, working on new stories. Give thanks! ♥♥

Serbian is my first language, I consider Dutch my second and English my third language. I 'officially' started writing in 2003, but I've been writing poetry and stories since I was a child.

As a Highly Sensitive Person I write in an intuitive way. I started writing in English in 2009. 




My 'blog' is written in English.

It is a continuous experiment :)


 Thank you for reading brothers and sisters, I wish you well on your own path. Peace x   




         Dobro Dosli

na moj website sa mojim pesmama na tri jezika

U Srbiji sam izmedju 2004.-2008. objavila tri zbirke poezije na srpskom/holandskom. Neke pesme mozete procitati na "Serbian poetry". Redovno dodajem pesme. 

**Pisem nove kratke price na srpskom!  

Uskoro vise o tome. ♥♥**




op mijn website met mijn gedichten in drie talen.

In Servie heb ik tussen 2004 en 2008 drie gedichtenbundels uitgegeven in het Servisch/Nederlands. Enkele gedichten hieruit kunt u lezen op "Dutch poetry". Ik voeg regelmatig gedichten toe.

Ik schrijf niewe korte verhalen- in het Servisch. Mogelijk vertaal ik deze in het Nederlands en Engels.

Binnenkort meer hierover. ♥♥




         (photos made in Serbia by me)